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Closing Costs & Loose Ends

Because financing is such a significant part of the buying process, it is best to know everything you can about it. Sometimes, however, there are unexpected costs to buying a home that you should be aware of (if these costs are intentionally hidden, however, the seller may be breaking federal […]

Compare Asking Price to MLS & Public Record Listings

Making an offer on a home requires researching beyond what the seller’s agent has provided you. Offers to purchase should be based on facts (and a realistic assessment of them). The seller has been equipped by their agent with all of the information required to establish a sales price, but […]

It Doesn’t Need to Cost More than an Apartment

Are you thinking about buying your own home? If so, there are several great benefits in doing so. If you’re someone that is settled and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon, here are three ways you can benefit in becoming a home owner. Three Benefits to Owning Your Own Home […]