The Deal in the Details

When your home is for sale, there are many ways to help it sell. A few tricks can be helpful and most people forget to use them. The potential buyers are comparing properties as they look as homes and your home needs to stand out among the rest in your […]

Being “Open” for Open Houses

While it may take some work to prepare for your open house, allowing interested buyers into their potential future home will make them feel at ease instantly and visualize this home as their own as they walk through and picture their belongings there. Remember to declutter every area to accent […]

What About Open Houses?

If you’d like to sell your home, there are several different strategies you can consider. Whether you want to sell privately, with a realtor, put your listing in the newspaper or even consider having an open house, there are many different strategies you can use to get your home off […]

Why Advertise? Won’t My House Sell?

If you’re looking to sell your home, it can be done with the help of things such as a realtor, signs in front of your home, through the newspaper, online and many other ways. Regardless of how you sell your home, there are a few benefits that advertising can provide […]

Is It Negotiable?

Just a couple of years ago, the real estate market was booming and supporting a large pool of real estate agents. Today, however, properties sit on the market longer and more owners are being foreclosed on. Many people either can’t afford to buy (or are afraid to buy), resulting in […]

Resolving Potential Disputes

While listing a property with an agent can be done quickly, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid potential disputes. The first thing to do is get a packet from the local title company with all the home’s details and know them well. After getting this packet, […]

Defining Agent Duties

A real estate agent has a specific responsibility to his or her client that is called a fiduciary duty, which simply means that the agent has to act in the best interests of his/her client. Not only does a real estate agent have to sell your house, he or she […]

Using MLS

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a powerful tool that is used in the real estate market. The MLS contains every home that is for sale that is listed by a real estate agent. Being listed in the MLS instantly puts a home’s comprehensive information in front of real estate professionals. […]