About Denise Jensen


Meet Denise Jensen, your Boise Real Estate Agent.

Raised in Boise, I am a graduate of Centennial High School, Boise State University, Walla Walla University and am a former successful director of mental health and substance abuse services. I now specialize in the sale of new and existing homes in the greater Boise area. Prior to real estate I oversaw publicly funded mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for the State of Idaho and Utah. I also taught at the University of Utah and provided substance abuse and mental health treatment in a private practice setting focusing on trauma and women’s issues.

Why I’m Different

I am known as a knowledgeable and effective negotiator able to bring opposing people together to not only get what they want, but to also be happy and excited about the final product (no one wants to feel like they got the raw end of the deal, especially in real estate). Leveraging my skills as a therapist, I’m able to help clients understand what they truly want in the purchase and sales of a home and frequently communicate with them so they understand where we are in the process, next steps and keep them focused on the realistic results of any purchase and sale. I am the third generation of Boise real estate agents in my family and grew up in the real estate industry. I was an assistant to my father during school and worked for a time at the Idaho Multiple Listing Services (IMLS). This history of working and living in multiple aspects of the industry gives me an understanding of the market many other real estate agents do not have.

In My Free Time

I and a mother of 4 with a broad range of interests. When I’m not working you can find me at the gym, at home crafting it up somehow, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Boise. I’ve been known to take up sports like Karate and Roller Derby and am passionate and committed to everything I do. Some of my favorite memories of growing up in Boise included previewing homes with my Dad and helping him with his business. I love the real estate industry and often, even in my free time, I am previewing properties and making sure I have a good understanding of what is on the market.